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Raglan Ode

I have loved Not as I should A creature far away

Half the world Between the two A different night and day

Lost at sea Are memories A long time gone a stray

'Til they rebel And Liffey swells The boats along the quay

There was life Beneath the strife In moments that were told

Tales of all The could have beens The stories never sold

All the past Is here to last A chapter calls a close

As all our cause And all that was

A ghost on Raglan Road

Stone did sound A secret sign To which I gave a spell

Songs of love And giving life To her that knew me well

Many fears And many tears Though she could always tell

That in the start I gave my heart The peak from which it fell

Now alone I bear the cross When years ago I preyed

Back when heart Was on the mend From love that once betrayed

Though pain as strong Will move along The scars are here to stay

Only time will fall behind The dawning of the day

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